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for a 2021 summer marketing campaign using digital in-room digital concierges

Wild Florida and InHub Marketing announced today both have entered into a strategic partnership that will allow the delivery of exclusive offers and marketing material to in-house guests looking for entertainment options via digital concierges.

The agreement brings together innovative hospitality technology and new age advertising. Advertising where every interaction is trackable – from impressions, interaction, link follow through, mobile interaction to conversion. Ensuring every ad dollar spent is spent in the right place, at the right time and serving the right audience – organically, ads are 100% of the time presented to guests in-house in a non-invasive way, making it the most impactful way to reach guests to date.

In-hub Marketing- the exclusive provider of digital in-room concierge devices in the Florida region and Wild Florida, the top-rated Florida wildlife park, are working together to help Central Florida visitors make the most out of their vacation stay.

“Having Wild Florida join our advertising network, aligns with our goal of serving visitors with the best attraction, restaurants and activities Central Florida has to offer” said Charles Wilbraham, managing director of InHub Marketing.

Inhub Marketing hospitality partners guests will now have access to Wild Florida especial offers, access to especial web promotions via the in-room concierge devices while Wild Florida continues to innovate in the advertising arena helping visitors see the wild side of Florida.

Please feel free to contact Carlos Machado – Director of Business Development for any inquiries regarding the In-room concierge for your hotel or vacation home or if you wish to advertise your business.

About In-hub Marketing:

Founded in 2020 during the toughest time of the pandemic, In-hub Marketing came to fruition after 3 hotel and vacation home executives came together and put their minds at work to find an answer to: what will vacationers want in-room interaction to be like in a post pandemic world?

And the In-room concierge was created. The device it’s a 21-inch touchscreen device connected to Wi-Fi, capable of delivering real-time information to guests – from restaurants to maps and anything in between. Allowing properties to advertise and deliver info in a non-invasive way.

Please visit our website at email us or call us at 407-575-0560

About Wild Florida:

In 2010, Wild Florida set out to preserve one of the few pieces of private property on Lake Cypress in the Headwaters of the Florida Everglades. With an eye on polishing one of the jewels that is a throwback to what Florida used to be like, Wild Florida gives Orlando visitors and local residents a glimpse of what it’s like to be lost in the Middle of Nowhere.

With over 200 animals on display, including exotic animals like sloths, and lemurs, just to name a few as well as a walk-in bird aviary with pheasants, parrots and other birds from all over the world. Or hop on board of a U.S. Coast Guard certified airboats for a tour of natural Florida. You’ll see alligators, turkeys, wild hogs, eagles and many other animals who call the Florida Everglades home.

Conservation Promise

To educate individuals that Wild Florida still exists and inspire them to share what they have learned with others. We believe that by proactively promoting Central Florida’s natural resources that we can have a positive impact on the future. We are dedicated to protect, conserve and enhance Florida’s diverse ecosystem. We do this because it’s our responsibility and generations to come are relying on us so they can also enjoy the wonders of Wild Florida.

Wild Florida: Text
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