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for in-room concierges in the newest section of Vista Cay – The Reserve

Millenium Management, one of the leading providers of quality property management and customer service in the vacation rental market in Orlando Florida has announced the partnership with In-hub Marketing- the exclusive provider of in-room concierge devices in the Florida region. This partnership made possible the installation of in-room concierges in every unit of the newest section of the Vista Cay Resort – The Reserve; with plans to expand to all the units by year-end, allowing guests to have access to real-time information regarding weather updates, attractions, restaurants, activities, and Vista Cay property information.

Providing guests with common information, Services, and the ability to input service requests digitally via an in-room concierge (a 21-inch touchscreen device) not only helps property managers increase their per guest overall spend but it elevates review scores while setting up properties for a post-covid world where interaction with strangers is avoided and convenience is a key factor for guests.

This partnership allows Millenium Management to ease the call volume coming to their Vista Cay Resort front desk as well as equip their units with the latest technology.

Our world has changed, and digitalization is here to stay. Change is happening faster than what we can keep up with, the usual methods of distributing information (usually printed) are no longer relevant as it can change from one day to another, this applies to prices, rules, regulations, advertising and more. Not even cell phones are a good method to deliver information to vacationers, as it has become a device to stay away while “checking out” from their daily routines.

“This partnership between Millenium Management Starting with Vista Cay the Reserve and In-hub Marketing is the start of the in-room guest communication era, for properties as well as for advertisers. Lobbies have less and less traffic and that means fewer touchpoints with guests, our device ensures that communication continues with guests” said Charles Wilbraham, Co-founder of In-hub marketing

“We are excited about our new partnership In-hub Marketing and the elevated guest experience their in-room concierge screens will provide”. said Drew Frahm president and CEO of Millenium Management Corp.

Please feel free to contact Carlos Machado – Director of Business Development for any inquiries regarding the In-room concierge for your hotel or vacation home or if you wish to advertise your business.

About In-hub Marketing:

Founded in 2020 during the toughest time of the pandemic, In-hub Marketing came to fruition after 3 hotel and vacation home executives came together and put their minds at work to find an answer to: what will vacationers want in-room interaction to be like in a post pandemic world?

And the In-room concierge was created. The device it’s a 21-inch touchscreen device connected to Wi-Fi, capable of delivering real-time information to guests – from restaurants to maps and anything in between. Allowing properties to advertise and deliver info in a non-invasive way.

Please visit our website at

email us at  or call us at 407-575-0560

 About Millenium Management:

Our mission is to provide the highest level of quality property management and customer service in the vacation rental market. With hands-on and proactive care from our talented staff, all properties are kept in pristine condition. With direct connectivity through technology to hundreds of vacation and resort rental platforms worldwide, we maximize revenue for our owners while ensuring properties are kept up to the highest standards.

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